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“HETAERA: DAUGHTER OF THE GODS is a richly-detailed escape to an ancient past. Dori is willful to the point of stubbornness, so beautiful that it endangers her, smart and witty in a world where women are to be seen and not heard. It is easy to get lost in this novel, and readers will find themselves rooting for this woman who only wants to be in control of her own future once more… rendered in such brilliant detail that the novel is difficult to put down.” – Sacramento Book Review/San Francisco Book Review Sponsored Review

“HETAERA- DAUGHTER OF THE GODS is a fascinating historical novel in which the
strength of one woman triumphs over adversity, and ultimately frees her soul.
Slave, temple dancer, concubine, courtesan, she is called many things, but each
title must be stripped away so that she can discover who she truly is. A
compelling story.” — Christy English, author of THE QUEEN’S PAWN and HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE

Readers are saying:

“…couldn’t put this book down”

“characters were vibrant, setting breathtaking and a solid storyline”

“Rich, lush storytelling is seamlessly intertwined with history and unforgettable characters”

“Wow! Not sure what I expected but I got more, much more.”

“…can’t wait for the next one!”



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