O, Happy Day!

July is midway burned and HETAERA is still holding strong! Very excited to hear the first 20 minutes of recorded audio book narrated by the lovely Sabrina Sterling! I knew she was a spectacular choice when I found myself just listening to the story, instead of my internal editor. Although she’s been under the weather, she’s been such a trouper. I can’t wait to hear the finished audio book and just in time for the pre-holiday season sales!

Also very pleased as punch to be able to write yet another check from HETAERA’s proceeds to the Polaris Project. In the past month, we got to see and hear a videotape from women held against their will. It’s very gratifying to know that my readers are helping to support the fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking.

I’m often asked if historical fiction is difficult to write. The shortest and most honest answer is….kinda. 🙂

Seriously, the job of a historical author is to not only craft believable characters, authentic dialogue and a good story, but to also add in the many details that bring the time period to life. It’s almost like writing two books in one–a research text and a fiction novel. My desk is littered with assorted research books and random visual images on Ancient Babylonian and Assyrian culture. So, pardon me if I wasn’t paying attention when you were speaking, I was taking a reed skiff down river to meet with some Chaldeans…..

Tell me what you think!