Where in the world is J.A. Coffey?

Although I’m a bit shy….I’m very excited to be featured on historical fiction author Christy English’s blog.  Be sure to drop by next Monday, March 25th for a Q&A with me, including how I got started, what inspired me…and a fabulous giveaway worth over $100!!

This guest blog will also kick off my FREE ebook weekend on March 30-31st!  So, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of HETAERA: Daughter of the Gods, that would be a GREAT time to get your copy for free!

Also, that weekend, friends, family and fans are invited to celebrate the Official Unofficial Book Launch for HETAERA at the fabulous Greek Isles in SouthEnd in Charlotte, NC. Come by for dinner and share a toast.  We’ll be bringing our electronic devices and posting for free books at 6:00pm–and there will be another fabulous giveaway that evening (because I’m all about giving fans some swag!)

Later next month, I will be hosting another special giveaway…to stay tuned.

IT is….ALIVE!!!

While I’m not typically this dramatic, I must say that the trials and tribulations of setting up a website and blog have about undone me.  I have this love-hate relationship with technology….while I LOVE it–it HATES me!  So, after many repeated Live Help sessions with my host (thank you, HostGator!) I have finally activated my site.  I’ll worry about all the optimizations and custom things later.


For now, it’s enough that the sun rises and sets and my author website is accessible.  Now, on to being an author again…