Your vote counts!

So, my latest big hurdle in working through SEMIRAMIS is being indecisive. In this case, it’s a good problem to have, but I need your help in deciding which cover to go with! Let me share that it took hours to create the cover for HETAERA and that is time that could be better spent putting words to paper. I’ve opted to farm out the job to the fabulous fella who created my romance book covers and website header.

So, after sending some specs, the fabulous  James from GoOnWrite (love him!) has created the following proofs for my next historical fiction novel which is a painfully beautiful legend of a Babylonian queen.  I adore each for various reasons, so before I influence your vote, let me show you what’s got my tail feathers in a twist:


I know, I know they are gorgeous aren’t they?!!  And so hard to choose between….so, please help me out. Vote by leaving a comment here on your preference, or you can vote on my Facebook page by commenting there!

Just leave your preference as a single fave #1, #2, or #3…or rank all three in the order of your preference!

Tell me what you think!