My multiple personalities

My roots are showing. My romance writer roots, that is!

Some of you may wonder why I have been so quiet. Aside from working like a fiend, I’ve decided to merge my multiple personalities into one tidy little spot right here on the interwebs. Now that I’ve transitioned to full time writing, I no longer feel the need for multiple pseudonyms (and it makes it harder for readers to find me!)

Unlike the heavier historical fiction which takes a good deal of time to research and write, my forays into romance novels are fast, fun and ultimately just as satisfying. If you haven’t seen them, perhaps you’ll give one a try. Just like the histfic, my romance is all about the characters coming to life.

So, happily, I am condensing my latest contemporary romance series products onto this site. You’ll see the original covers and content for a bit, until my delightful cover artist can update them for me.

Until then, please bear with me while I include this facet of my personality and become whole again. I promise there will be no dark crystals shattering and no world domination ending, but I just might become sane once more!

Tell me what you think!