Book Boyfriends!

To celebrate Hot for Friday, here’s a little tempting excerpt from LIAR LIAR, which is featured in a new box set with 9 other USA Today and best selling authors (preorder now available!):

Something about the nearness of him, the combination of steam rising from their bodies awoke something deep within her. Rain dripped down the back of her neck and she shivered at the sensation. Her senses were awash with the combination of his scent and the moist forest around them.

Matt’s gaze left hers for a moment, traveling down the length of her rain-soaked figure. He grabbed his jacket from her hand and tossed it aside into the forest debris like a blanket. Jess glanced down. Her nipples were puckered and stiff, protruding through the wet material of her blouse and her thin bra. She was obviously aroused and yet she didn’t feel any shame. Not with him. His gaze raked over her like fire.

“I…we…we should be getting back….” She began. Her brain was foggy with desire. She wanted him, wanted his hands on her. Why was it so hard to think?

“Your eyes are incredible,” Matt whispered, moving closer until she could feel the tickle of his warm breath on her cheek. “Expressive. Stunning.”

“They’re just brown,” Jess answered. She leaned back against a nearby aspen. Her legs felt like water. What was she doing?

“They’re much more than that. There are gold flecks in them that dance when you smile.” His fingers stole underneath her chin and tilted her head up. His full mouth hovered near hers. “I want to see you smile. I want to see you….”

Naked, she wondered?

She wet her lips with the tip of her tongue as a soft rumble escaped from him. The sound sent liquid heat between her thighs.

“I’m going to kiss you, Jess.” It wasn’t a question. He leaned in, his fingers raising her face to meet him. “I’m going to show you why you came to Montana.”

“Oh.” She knew why she was here. To prove that love can’t be distilled into a computer profile. She sighed. “This is crazy.”

He ducked his head, his lips brushing hers. “Give in to it.”

She had to. She craved his mouth on her. Jess wound her arms around his neck as she opened her mouth, allowing him deeper access.

His mouth covered hers, his tongue probing into her with soft, slick repetition that overloaded her senses. He sampled her bottom lip, nipping lightly at them with his teeth.

She ignored the fact that she’d just met him and surrendered to the feeling of his insistent kiss. The bark of the trunk scraped her back. She tilted her head as his tongue stroked hers, probing deeper into her mouth. A soft moan escaped from her lips as she widened her stance, wobbling a little in her boots.

His hips ground against her as he lifted her body against the tree and took her mouth. Every nerve ending was on fire and attuned to the feel of his body against hers. He unbuttoned his shirt and she gasped at his muscular, tanned physique. Matt looked as if he could have carried her halfway to Wyoming and back without breaking a sweat.

He cradled her in his arms, his mouth tugging at her bottom lip. She was suddenly very glad that she hadn’t retreated to the structured safety of the lodge. She clutched his triceps and wrapped her legs around his waist, desperate to feel him against her aching core. Matt flexed his buttocks, and his arousal nudged her swollen mound through their clothing. She bit back a groan. He felt so good. If only they were naked. On the ground where his jacket was spread. Or her room…the room with her bed and…her investigation file.

Oh, God, her investigation.

“Matt,” she whispered through the haze of desire that clouded her thinking. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” She really didn’t want him to stop. “I don’t know what to think about this.” How was she going to list this in her notes?

“Don’t think. Just feel.” His voice was muffled.

His hands crept up and unbuttoned her blouse. The soft calluses on his fingertips teased her skin as he slid her bra strap off her shoulders. One touch, then two and she was lost. It had been so long since she’d felt desirable. With a half growl, Matt trailed kisses down the sides of her neck and throat, his tongue blazing a white hot trail across her flesh. Cool air assaulted her bare skin when his hungry mouth lifted. Her breathing became ragged as he flipped back her sodden clothing and palmed her breasts through the thin fabric of her dampened bra. An eager wetness blossomed between her legs as raindrops and Matt’s kisses trickled down in a staccato across her breasts. Her nerves sizzled with anticipation and desire.

“You taste so good,” he said. He bent his head, his dark hair curling around his face. Jess gasped as she felt his teeth gently brush her nipple. “So sweet.”

Don’t think. Just feel, he’d said. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Matt’s hardened arousal pressed against the sensitive cleft between her legs.

“Oh, yes.” She shifted her hips subtly directing him to the right spot. White spots of lightning flashed behind her eyelids as he licked and suckled her through her thin rayon bra. His tongue flicked impatiently between the fabric and her skin before his hands pawed the material aside. She gasped as the cold air raced over the responsive nipple and then he recaptured it in the heat of his mouth.


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