Sneak Peaks

I’m really excited to be a part of a great new group of authors who are providing free content to readers across multiple romance genres. Allow me to introduce you to The Sexy Scribblers.

Who are the Sexy Scribblers?

The Scribblers are a group of 14 authors who banded together to create stories to share with our readers for FREE! We come from all over and we write in different genres. What’s so cool about this opportunity is that we are just as unaware of what’s going to happen as you are! How fun is that? We have no idea what the story is going to be about, who will be the characters, what will happen to them on their journey or how the story will end.

The authors are split into two groups and put in a random order. The group and order change every month. Each group writes a story. The first author in the group starts it, the last one wraps it up. What happens in between is completely up to each individual author. We have 3 rules only:

1. No preplanning, brainstorming, plotting, no discussion whatsoever. We each write by the seat of our pants. Each episode is roughly 500 words and the story will last for 6 or 12 episodes.
2. No changing the previous author’s work. Other than basic editing for grammatical things, the stories and each episode are untouched.
3. No censorship of language or sexual content. You have been warned! These can get pretty HOT!

Each story will be released over the course of a week each month, starting in July.

Are you ready for your exclusive preview? I’ll be sharing the first 6 episodes with my VIP newsletter subscribers on Monday. Be sure to click the “Subscribe” button to sign up, if you aren’t already in on all the good stuff!Sexy Scribblers