Votes needed and some sweet deals

Sometimes as authors we feel the need to have “pretty things” to giveaway. We call it swag. As an artist, I get really excited when I find a graphic designer who does amazing work at a reasonable price. Well, I’ve found her…and she’s incredible!

Meet Talina at Bookin’It Designs. Say, hello, Talina! (She waved …at least I’m pretty sure she did. Cuz, you know…my computer isn’t a television screen, so I can’t actually SEE her, but that’s what I imagine her doing.)

I contacted Talina when I realized I needed a cost effective way to provide books at the upcoming #RWA2015 conference in New York. She’d done such a great job on my bookmarks, I knew she’d be perfect.JACoffey_bookmark_Backproof1 (2)

I came up with a plan for trading cards…with quotes…and freebie download codes…and pretty images. And a place for autographs, too! I wanted…ALL THE THINGS!


Talina ROCKED it. Like really, really nailed it. To the point where I can’t decide which ones I should get printed. So, I need your help in determining. I have two books I’ll be signing from my contemporary romance series. Here are the options. *Note: the trading cards are double-sided. The front of the card is on top and has the quote and the back of the card is on bottom and has a download code which will be printed on the stripe.*





Click on the images to enlarge. Aren’t they GORGEOUS? Spammers have tried to take me over, so I’ve turned off comments on my blog for now, but come tell me on Facebook or Tweet me to say which designs I should use for the swag bags and signing!

And now for the fun part!  Shhhh…it’s a well-known secret that I love a good deal. And this is really exciting. Talina is offering my friends a discount off her already amazing prices.

The offer from Bookin’It Designs:

10% discount on any orders $49.00 and below and a 15% discount on any order above $50

Here’s her social links and email just for easy reference:




You don’t need a code. Just email her and let her know that you found her through me and you get the DEAL!! Isn’t that great! She’s also put together three NEW swag design packages on the website which have pretty much everything an author needs to launch and brand their book at a great savings, too. Note: The above discount doesn’t apply to the NEW swag packages, because they are already nicely discounted! Check out all her work and sign up for the good stuff!

But wait, there’s more….

I also contacted the great company out in Cali that is printing my trading cards. And before you could say “cupcakes for everyone”, Alex over there devised a discount offer for you, too! (And he asked if I wrote rom-com because he thinks I’m hilarious. Why does asking for cheaper stuff make me a comic?)

PrintFirm Offer:  Use coupon code “JACoffey” upon checkout and grab your sweet discount.

The code is for 15% off (maximum discount limit of $150) and it’s good until 12-31-2021 (so, you know, you have time to revisit and print your promo items for YEARS) and it applies to ALL the products on the site. Did I hook you up, or what?

So, come tell me your thoughts on the card designs and help spread the word about this great offer. I’ll be watching for ya!


Tell me what you think!