Special ending & New beginnings!

As the year winds to a close, I’m baking up a storm preparing for the holiday season. None of that is particularly spectacular except for my new super seekrit cupcake experiment which I PROMISED my newsletter subscribers I would share. So, without further ado, I give you…

The Double Cuppie.

all about autumn3


They look pretty normal, don’t they? You’d never guess they were boasting a surprise inside that will make your friends and family members go wild!

I had a party to go to and needed something special, so I whipped up a batch of Apple Cobbler mini-cupcakes, frosted them with a caramel frosting and FROZE them. Then, I made a batch of pumpkin cupcakes and plunked my little frozen babies smack dab in the center and baked THOSE.

all about autumn

See those apple minis in the center of my batter?

The resulting cupcake ends up fully baked and moist (because my frozen caramel frosting kinda baked into the pumpkin batter keeping it from drying out). The full cupcake has a perfect blend of autumn flavors (pumpkin, caramel and apple) but really, you could use an endless option of batters. How about a chocolate and peppermint concoction for the holidays? Pineapple and coconut for New Years? Strawberry and margarita lime in the summer?


the cuppie inside of a cuppie triumph– just waiting for FROSTING!

Give your holiday a new twist and try the double cupcake. Be sure to drop by my Facebook page and let me know how they turned out! I’m hosting a contest there for ONE week, to celebrate the new year and new covers for my Southern Seductions series. You could win a $15 giftcard, so drop by my page for the details.


8 thoughts on “Special ending & New beginnings!

    • JACoffey says:

      Right? Those cuppies are pretty tasty, but I was so excited about how many combinations I could make with this. And I even kept some minis in the freezer a few days and baked them up later and they were STILL GREAT. Make ahead? sure!!

    • JACoffey says:

      I don’t know how smart it was for me to make DOUBLE work for myself, but darn these things were so cool!! (I almost didn’t mind–the look on people’s faces was priceless)

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