KW Novellas

Melody Anne’s Billionaire Universe Kindle World Novella


She’s a master at making treasures out of trash…but can she fix him?1NUMBERS-JPG-JA COFFEY

Plucky auto-mechanic ANNABELLE THOMAS forges vintage car parts into breathtaking sculptures while employed as a summer camp instructor. Despite her attraction to the owner’s son, she’s frantic to get her work into The Maverick, the most exclusive art gallery in Seattle. But she refuses to risk her career again, even for a chance at love.

After a cancelled landscape design television show, reckless heartthrob KANE MAVERICK has little interest in taking over a stuffy gallery filled with his father’s favorites. His passions lie…elsewhere. After a scrape-and-run with the family Ferrari, Kane convinces Anna to help him before he loses Dad’s newly-earned trust.

But when Kane’s father discovers his son’s interest in Anna is more than professional, he refuses to allow her into The Maverick, destroying her dreams. Now Kane is torn between becoming the man she needs or the man his father respects—and the outcome might be a love that blossoms for more than just ONE SWEET SUMMER.  *sweet romance*- no explicit sexual content

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Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Kindle World Novellas


Will she give up what she’s always wanted for the love she really needs?

Desperate to rekindle her faded career, former teen superstar Sophie Tucker is tapped for a commercial shoot as a favor to designer Lucy Dare. But mishaps on the set trap Sophie between an ex-lover who ruined her career with a sex tape and a hot pastry chef who lights her fire. While a proposition from rising director Lucas Kellan might be the answer to her prayers, Sophie is torn between chasing her old dreams –or a new future away from her adoring public.

Marx McNeal never dreamed he’d meet his ultimate teenage fantasy, until the accident-prone starlet trashes his food truck and his hopes of winning a baking competition cash prize that would bankroll his bakery storefront. Though their passion might be a headliner, he’s certain she’d never give up her dreams of stardom—not even for their daring desire!    *HOT romance*-very explicit sex

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An arrogant heir to a jewelry empire. A sassy saleswoman with designs on a brighter career. One marriage proposal that might secure both their futures.

Billionaire boutique owner Alain Verragio has led his company to the pinnacle of the Miami fine jewelry industry for the past five years. He’s a master of exacting standards in both his professional and his personal life.
Former showroom model Serafina Cristales knows she’s more than just a pretty face. She’s got designs to be the next executive at Verragio’s, but she has to convince the owner she’s got more to offer him than just eye candy.
Things take a turn for the worse when a clause in his father’s will mandates that Alain must marry to keep his inheritance. With only three weeks until he loses everything, he offers Sera a daring proposal—to be his wife, in name only.
Alain knows that his demanding ideals in the bedroom make it unlikely he’ll find a woman who will be able to match his desires for a long-term commitment, but Sera surprises him in more ways than one.  Now, what was supposed to be a short term sham to help them both get what they wanted, might be exactly what they both need.   *HOT romance*-very explicit sex, including light, adventurous BDSM themes
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