Love by the Numbers series


She’s a master at making treasures out of trash…but can she fix him?1NUMBERS-JPG-JA COFFEY

Plucky auto-mechanic ANNABELLE THOMAS forges vintage car parts into breathtaking sculptures while employed as a summer camp instructor. Despite her attraction to the owner’s son, she’s frantic to get her work into The Maverick, the most exclusive art gallery in Seattle. But she refuses to risk her career again, even for a chance at love.

After a cancelled landscape design television show, reckless heartthrob KANE MAVERICK has little interest in taking over a stuffy gallery filled with his father’s favorites. His passions lie…elsewhere. After a scrape-and-run with the family Ferrari, Kane convinces Anna to help him before he loses Dad’s newly-earned trust.

But when Kane’s father discovers his son’s interest in Anna is more than professional, he refuses to allow her into The Maverick, destroying her dreams. Now Kane is torn between becoming the man she needs or the man his father respects—and the outcome might be a love that blossoms for more than just ONE SWEET SUMMER.

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Classical violinist and single mom, Beth MacGuire works part-time at a bar while keeping tabs on her alcoholic mother and minding her sweet infant daughter—until a chance encounter with her high school crush, Liam Hensley, spells disaster for her plans to put her past behind her.

When Liam signed with hot band, Wylde Ryder, he rocketed to fame and never looked back. He’s returned to Seattle for a bandmate’s doomed wedding, but seeing Beth rekindles feelings he thought he’d buried for good.

Plagued by turbulent memories, their passionate reconnection sparks brighter than his concert spotlights. Beth is set against risking her precious baby’s happiness for life with a rock star daddy, but when Liam’s father discovers their little secret, the drummer must choose between stepping up or stepping away from being a family man.

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2Alex Diaz is desperate for cash—so desperate, she’ll do just about anything with her photography skills, if it means keeping her older sister from quitting law school and saving herself from being just a diner waitress. Even sell out her soul to get some racy photos of America’s hottest rocker.

Bad boy guitarist Finn Richards is one scandal away from calling it quits. Struck by betrayal, he’s already broken off his engagement. Now he stands to lose his rock band in the process. All he needs is a little revenge and a lot of R&R to rebuild from the ashes of his career.

When sexy, arrogant Finn realizes Alex is more than just a pretty face, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. But as a tropical storm strikes and their plans begin to unravel, will Finn and Alex’s romance be a rebound…or the start of true love during a TWO WEEKS’ VACATION?

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Zane Ryder used to be on top of the world. He had everything most people want—fame, fortune, and a face that sent albums flying off the shelves. Until disaster struck, in the form of a disease that almost took his life. Now he’s recovering from surgery and questioning every decision he’s made thus far—including falling for his best friend’s fiancée.

Trish Masters has always had a thing for fixing what’s broken—whether it’s people, the planet, or even a litter of unwanted stray puppies. But when she’s branded as the woman who almost destroyed America’s favorite rock band, she’s determined to close herself off from the world—and her feelings for the completely wrong guy. She’s a fixer—not a destroyer. And she just can’t get caught up in the rock star lifestyle again.

When a relapse causes Zane to rely on Trish for help, both recognize they’re trapped by their own desperate hearts. Will they succumb to fear or be brave enough to admit the truth and finally whisper those THREE LITTLE WORDS?

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Benjamin Breck has lived in his older, famous brother’s shadow his whole life. Now the former elementary music teacher is catapulted into the spotlight–and realizes fame requires a lot more than he’d expected. Singing has always been his dream and he’s not about to let this one die.

Tasked with helping the wanna-be rocker, introverted cat-lover Cree Williams can’t believe her new job lands her in the front pages–defending Ben from his nosy neighbors, and protecting herself from the charming crooner’s advances. As a new attorney working for DeSilva’s agency, she doesn’t have time for romance–especially not with a client.

But the more Cree advises Ben, the bigger the trouble surrounding him grows. When an enemy from the DeSilva’s family resurfaces, intent on destroying Ben’s dreams, Cree’s job and reputation are on the line, as much as the fledgling rock star’s. Can Ben and Cree untangle this mess in time to save themselves and their FOUR-FOOTED MATCHMAKER?

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 **special edition, included in the Enchanted Keepsakes novels**

Nick DeSilva has been trying to get a job with his brother’s record label for years. Assigned to host a thrashing rock concert at an exclusive tropical resort, he runs into more trouble than he’d ever expected, especially when Lise McCabe, the sister of his arch-enemies, has taken over the whole island.

Lise can’t believe her bad luck. As a wedding planner, she’s sent hundreds of happy brides down the aisle, but this time a resort scheduling glitch means she’s got to duke it out for space with one of the hated DeSilvas—a family that almost destroyed her own.

It may take a little magic to sweeten the deal, but somehow Nick and Lise must negotiate to satisfy both their business contracts—and their hearts. Will their battle for control take over their budding passion during these FIVE DAYS IN PARADISE?

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