The Great Shoe Cake-Over!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how frugal I am. But I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of my love of all things sweet. It’s why I sneak in recipes in the back of all my romances, and why I post more in my newsletter (which you can get by subscribing here). In fact, I have a Pinterest board devoted to all things cupcake, that you can follow.

I fell in love with a pair over at ShoeBakery.

But, I’m not spending $300-$500 on a pair of shoes, y’all. And I would fall over in heels that high. Especially at a three-hour booksigning.

So, when it came time to settle my wardrobe for an upcoming conference, there was only one thing a frugal, sweet-loving artsy girl could do.

A “cake-over” of a comfy pair of $30 heels. Extra padded for comfort. High enough for fun, low enough not to kill myself walking in. Nothing goes better with cupcakes than ice cream. And these heels are a hot fudge strawberry sundae cone full of fun!

ice cream shoes

don’t mind the mess on the table!

I can’t lie. I wasn’t exactly sure I could pull it off.

So, armed with a pair of nude colored heels. I piped on the cone lines. Then I shaded it in.








shoes phase 1

very cone-esque


Next, I added the “ice cream”. Just some paint and a flexible art medium. Doesn’t have to be perfect, because melting ice cream never is.

shoes phase 2 2

drip, drip….can’t you almost taste it?

shoes phase 2

Final step, drizzle the “hot fudge” and “sprinkles”. Pipe more art medium with a frosting tip, add a fake cherry and voila!

ice cream shoes 3

Pay no mind to the paint tubes and plastic baggies!

ice cream shoes 2

They’re still drying. Then it’s time for a protective spray and maybe a high gloss glaze on those cherries. The Great Shoe Cake-over.  Just in time for RWA Nationals.  What do you think? Come find me on Facebook  if you want more details on how I did it. Or post a comment on my FB Author page !